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About Us

At Sutter City Auto Body, we are your family-run, home-town "shop" in Sutter. We've spent the past 20 years helping people get their cars back on the road. From minor collisions to significant wrecks and every check engine light or mechanical issue in-between, we are your one-stop-shop.

We take all insurance work, but we are an independent shop working for the customer, not the insurance company. That means we have the freedom to work with you to find the best possible solutions to repair your car as quickly and economically as possible.
Sometimes, other shops who are not independent like us, are forced to "total" cars even though they are repairable. We've saved many vehicles from being totaled. We have the skills and equipment to repair your vehicle safely, all of our work is guaranteed, and we can stand up for you to the insurance companies. We've been saving people money on their car repairs for over a decade, and quite frankly, we're good at it.

We also give good deals for people who aren't going through their insurance company, also known as "self-pay," and we work very hard at finding parts for your repair at the most competitive prices.
Our best advertisement is referrals from satisfied customers, so get the word out there!
We are heavily committed to our community and giving back.
Thank you for considering Sutter City Auto Body as your repair choice,

Bruce Smith
Owner &  Shop Manager